Welcome! I'm glad to see you in my store

Hello! My name is Svetlana Voskodavenko! I am an artist Teddy and doll, for more than 4 years I have been creating collectible little bears and their friends. I hope you enjoy my bears. My gorgeous friends live in many countries of the world: Korea, America, Italia, England, Russia and others. The works are created in a single copy, since it all depends on the combination of soul and mood. I can confidently say that I only create a good mood, so my little creatures bring with me the goodness and warmth of my heart. I will be glad if my little friend settles in your house and will please you. It is possible to create a similar work, not a copy, but it will be no less good. If you have questions, write to me in private messages. Welcome to my little world of plush friends. Regards, Svetlana!